The Inbetween Tarot projects began life in 2012 when I had a dream about the inbetween concept. 

I began working on and developing the concept and in 2013 I self-published my majors-only Inbetween Tarot with Graphic Artist David Worthington. The Inbetween Tarot is a groundbreaking concept in the Tarot world connecting the energies between Tarot cards and bridging liminal spaces.

                     THE ORACLE DECK OF BRIDGES

My new Oracle deck, “The Oracle Deck Of Bridges” was created with graphic artist – David Worthington. The deck includes 44 cards with different coloured backs which represent the different realms of emotions, the mind, the spirit and the physical body. You can find out more about the concept in the below video and the deck can be purchased by clicking on the below PayPal link. Postage and packaging is included in the price.


The Full 78 card Inbetween Tarot published in 2019
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Artwork by Franco Rivolli.  Published by Lo Scarabeo International Publishers

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